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Since 2010 Helping people find the right solutions

Rather than just SELLING printers, we listen to your needs. We want to know about your goals; once that is established, we recommend our premium printers to you. Our motto is NOT to sell what we have, but showcase our products as you need them so both of us find the right fit. We ensure smooth functioning of all of our devices and consumables take care of that part.

Printers and Consumables

ID Card printers, RFID printers and ribbons, cleaning kits etc. make our inventory. We are authorised resellers of Zebra Technologies Inc., USA. Quality is the focus!

Automating your needs

Customer satisafaction is the ultimate testimonial. Building a professional bond through our work is what we strive for!

One of the biggest players in the state

Our consumer base speaks for itself. We have been dealing with businesses and institutions all over the country for a decade. Having worked with educational institutes, private limited companies and well-known businessmen, we can say that we have established ourselves as one of the leading companies in this industry. With experience comes knowledge and expertise. This is a win-win situation as our clients know to expect ONLY the best from us. Our clientele has spread out all across the state in major cities like Mumbai, Pune, Nashik and Nagpur. Apart from Maharashtra, we are also associated with some big players in Bangalore and Hyderabad.