Handheld Devices

ZT 400 Series

The 4.3-inch full-colour touch display with intuitive interface makes them easy to use, and shows colour-coded printer status alerts. Configure your printer your way with advanced technology, along with two open communication slots. These printers keep your critical operations running efficiently today, and give you the flexibility to add features in the future as you need them.

ZT 600 Series

Applications: Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics, Retail & Healthcare.

Desktop Series

These printers boast dual-wall construction and all-metal printheads — components not often found in a basic printer. With an industry best out-of-box experience, they are simple to install and begin printing. Key features include USB connectivity for universal interoperability, along with a single LED status indicator and single button for feed/pause for easy operation.

ZT 200 Series

The ZT-230 Barcode Printer is widely used in many industries to print barcodes. These are developed by the skilled professionals using advance technology and quality components that further enhance their high strength and long life.


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